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First of all, BeeCHAIs is a play on words as “Bee” is a reference to Utah’s nickname “The Beehive State’ and “Chai” of course, is the Hebrew word for Life.


We are a network of Jews in their 20s, 30s and early 40s committed to building a vibrant young adult Jewish community across Utah. We are your platform to connect and build new relationships with other young Jewish Families.



BeeCHAI Family is supported and funded by the United Jewish Federation of Utah. The focus of the Jewish Federation is to care for people in need, to deepen engagement and enhance Jewish identity and to strengthen bonds among Jews in Utah – to Israel and Jewish communities around the world. The Federation clearly recognizes that the way we participate in Community might be very different than our parents and grandparents.


BeeCHAIs helps navigate the Jewish scene, create new connections, and to become aware of vibrant organizations and synagogues that make Utah a great place to be young and Jewish.