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What is BeeCHAIs?

BeeCHAIs is a network of Jews in their 20s, 30s and 40s building a vibrant young Jewish community in Salt Lake City and all across Utah. We are your platform to plan and discover events.


We are passionate about making Utah a welcoming home for young Jews. Whether you’re new to the area or a born-and-bred Utahn, single or married, a professional or a student, observant or unaffiliated, we invite you to join us.


Help us define BeeCHAIs and make it relevant by sharing your ideas, coming to events, and getting involved.

Who is behind BeeCHAIs?

BeeCHAIs is supported and funded by the Jewish Federation. The mission of the Jewish Federation is to build a strong and enduring Jewish community. Community evolves with each generation – how we interact with Jewish life isn’t the same as how our parents or grandparents have before. This isn’t your bubbie’s Federation initiative!


The Jewish Federation provides the BeeCHAIs with a platform and empowers us to build a community that reflects our passions and interests. BeeCHAIs is ultimately for us and by us. We depend on volunteers to define and grow this network.  

Why and how is BeeCHAIs a “hub” of Jewish community life?

BeeCHAIs helps you navigate the Jewish scene and learn more about the organizations that make Utah a great place to be young and Jewish.

What are we going to see from BeeCHAIs?
Social Events - From bar nights to BBQs, Hanukkah parties to inspiring speakers, join us throughout the year for educational, social, cultural and philanthropic programs and events. Have ideas for events? Share them with us!

Hands-on volunteering - Join other Jewish young adults to make a difference in our community. We serve local nonprofits chosen by BeeCHAIs members.   


How do I connect to BeeCHAIs?

Visit us on Facebook


How can I get involved?

We want YOU! Please, help us plan and grow BeeCHAIs.

You can:

Join our committee

Help plan an event

Share your thoughts and ideas on what you want

Come  to our events!  


Contact Chad Schaeffer or any committee member to find out more.