International Women's Day or Gender Equality Day?

International Women’s Day or Gender Equality Day


A few years back, Mother’s Day in Israel switched to Family Day, since the role of motherhood has changed in the communities in Israel. As a kid who grew up with her father always at home and her mother working late, I thought this was a great idea. I love my mom and she was a great mom even though she worked late often. I am also aware that I have more in common with my mom than my dad. I remember feeling uncomfortable that some of my friends who have 2 fathers or 2 mothers or a single father were forced to still celebrate or be surrounded by those that celebrate Mother’s Day.


So that brings me to the importance of gender equality day. I know women have been and still are experiencing a lack of equality. For those of you who have been reading my blogs (and if not, feel free to visit where they all exist), you know how connected I am to being a woman, to feminism and the female experience in the world. But is a day for women only, that is mainly celebrated by buying flowers, really the way to reach equality? Maybe a day that talked about gender equality is the better way to raise awareness about equality.


I believe it is time to understand where and how we find equality in the world. We need to give equal opportunity for each gender to act as they would like without old labels and customs. Family Day allows more room for a modern interpretation of what a family looks like in the year 2021. Equality to me means having an equal seat at the table and having an equal voice in discussion.