Life in Israel

Written bt, Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


Today I’m writing from my home in Israel. I’m actually 8 days into my 14 day quarantine doing my best to stay busy while pretty much locked in my room. For me, movies have become a great way to pass the time. So, I chose Marvel. Before watching the Marvel movies, I truly didn’t think I would like them. I never connected to superhero movies where the world depends on one person and with a lot of violence, they reach the good point in life.

I must say, now my life has mainly evolved around Thor and Tony Stark, I now LOVE Marvel movies. Now, I think I love them because Marvel managed to create a very interesting and complex world that grew with the consumer. I did find Avengers Infinity War very dark, because of Tony Stark dying in Endgame, too much for me. I’m happy that I got to see them as an adult who can judge them through adult eyes. I see the reason for all the action, which I assume is why kids love these types of movies but I truly don’t think they should ever consume that much violence.

Movies shape our reality. I think the movie Chicken Run has a big impact on me becoming a vegetarian. I think the fact that I never saw violent movies until about now, has made me more sensitive to violence.

Another really interesting thought I had through these movies was how all our stories are the same. My dad reads us a part of the bible every week (not the regular Torah portion, but an extra part from the Prophets) and this week he was reading the book of Yeshayahu. It tells us about how the “geula” (redemption) will come even if we don’t bring it. Meaning, if we are better people and do good things the geula will come quicker, but if not, it will still come in its time.

Obviously, since my mind is full of Hulks and Captain Americas, I laughed to myself and thought, I wonder if the idea of the Avengers is related to the book of Yeshayahu. Maybe what all of us are looking for, in all the stories of the history, is a bit of redemption, and the feeling that we have a part in it. A part in this confusing cosmos that does not seem understandable.

We all need heroes. We need heroes like Moses in the bible, and like Iron Man and like the Black Widow. We need heroes that have a complicated personality. That are fragile but strong and can save us. And maybe we need them because of the famous saying, “that what scares us, is the light within us, not the darkness of the world.”

Now listen to the words of David Bowie, “we can be heroes, just for one day”, and let yourself choose, who are your heroes in life? When are you your own hero? And always make sure to have the dignity to admit when you need help