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Our Goal for creating this blog is to give the Utah Jewish community a platform to have their voices heard. Topics for the blog will range from What does being Jewish mean for local individuals, parenting Jewish, favorite recipes to local & global frustrations with the Jewish community.

Israeli Pandemic Fatigue

Israeli Pandemic Fatigue, by Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha

My recent trip back to Israel has left me very confused. When I arrived in Israel the accuracy of life there, not watching it all from far away and reading the news, hit me like a large wave of reality washing over me.

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Things I Missed from Israel

Things I Missed from Israel - Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha

When I started my Shlichut, I was told I would get a plane ticket and two weeks to go home to Israel. My plan was to leave right after camp and spend the Jewish holidays with my family. Then Covid came, and like everyone else, …

Life in Israel

Written bt, Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


Today I’m writing from my home in Israel. I’m actually 8 days into my 14 day quarantine doing my best to stay busy while pretty much locked in my room. For me, movies have become a great way to pass the time. So, I chose Marvel. Before w…

The month of Elul

Written by: Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha

The month of Elul is here, warm summer suns are slowly setting earlier and earlier. Little bits of fall are starting to show around the neighborhoods. The month of Elul is the month of asking for forgiveness and the month of sorry. Elul is the m…

Music & Prayer

Music and prayer

Written by: Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha

As a teenager, I used to listen to music like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato and I was SURE that I was listening to the greatest, best music in the world. I remember my older brother getting angry at me during Passover cleaning …