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Our Goal for creating this blog is to give the Utah Jewish community a platform to have their voices heard. Topics for the blog will range from What does being Jewish mean for local individuals, parenting Jewish, favorite recipes to local & global frustrations with the Jewish community.

Top 10 things I’ve learned living in Utah for almost a year now

Top 10 things I’ve learned living in Utah for almost a year now (!!!!)

By Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


1. Utah is probably the greatest hidden secret in the United States. In the winter, there is great snow to ski, and in the summer, there are awesome cliffs to climb. It is loca…


Lebanon, Written by: Talia Goldberg

It was so sad, to see the devastation caused by the explosion in Beirut this week. Watching that, made me think of the emotions or baggage that so many Israelis have when they think of Lebanon. In 2006, I was 9 years old it was the time of the second Leba…

“do not pull out of the Gaza Strip.”

Written by: Talia Goldberg, Community Shlicha


The year is 2005, I am 8 at the time, and I remember being very angry. As a kid, I was never interested in politics, until this particular moment. Orange shirts and straps were being worn by those who were saying to say to the state of Israe…

One foot on the platform & the other on the train

One Foot on the Platform, the Other on the Train….

These days are not simple ones for me. Not here in Utah, and not in Israel. I’m not sure you’re aware, but like in the United States, Israel is experiencing a lot of riots these days. They are about many things, like how the Governmen…

Three Shlichim by Talia Goldberg

This week, two of my friends who are also shlichim in the US, came to visit me. I wanted to show them the beautiful area where I now live, so we headed out to the Uintas. We started out with a hike through evergreen meadows to beautiful views of the mountains. Then we went backpacking our wa…